As part of its research activities, the Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence, undertook, during 2010-13, to record the key points of a realistic “Greek plan” for the exit from the crisis that our country could adopt. The fruit of this effort, which was contributed by many scientists and experts, was the Study “Exiting the Crisis: Applicable Alternative Proposals” (Papazisis Publishers, Athens 2014), which focused primarily on the priorities and immediate actions of a national reconstruction plan, in order to maximize the real potential of our country.

One of the main conclusions that emerged was that tourism, agriculture and shipping are undoubtedly the priority areas of immediate return to the quickest exit from the crisis but also to fight galloping unemployment.

In this context, working groups were set up in the field of tourism, rural development and maritime policy of Greece. For the period, 2014-2017, the working groups have been upgraded to Research Units and each one is inspired by an interdisciplinary and policy-oriented approach, utilizing synergies between academics and experts. The aim is to formulate proposals as well as to practically contribute through educational and other training programs towards a Greek European Governance Policy in these areas, drawing on a comparative analysis of the best practices of other EU Member States and their appropriate implementation in Greek reality.