The Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence of the University of Athens was founded in September 2000 at the initiative of Prof. Yannis Valinakis. Its aim is to promote research, education and dissemination on European affairs.

In the light of the economic crisis, the latest developments in EU, and within the framework of its European Governance Programme, co-funded by the European Commission, the Centre has strengthened its activities in the field of European governance. The aim is to activate, record and capitalize on academic and public dialogue in two main directions: a) EU Governance and b) European Politics of Greece. In this context, the Centre’s activities include studying, educating, informing and producing policy proposals on the current developments in the field of European governance (including European agricultural, maritime and tourism governance), the position of Greece in the ever-changing European environment and, more generally, the Greek European and foreign policy.

In parallel, and in the framework of the Jean Monnet 2017 Activities, funded by the European Commission, the Centre has extended its European Governance Programme for the period 2017-2020 into a new thematic area, the governance of migration. The aim is to study the external aspects of the recent migratory crisis and refugee flows towards the European Union and, in particular, Greece.

The Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence has long, constant partnerships and synergies with other institutions with similar objectives, such as the Hellenic University Association of European Studies (ECSA), the European Public Law Organization (EPLO), the Jean Monnet Chair holders in the Greek Universities, the W. Martens Centre for European Studies in Brussels, the Zurich Elite Business School (ZEBS) and other Universities, think tanks and public authorities in Greece and abroad, as well as with a number of multinational companies (Google, TUI and others).