Educational Programmes

The Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence has implemented training, educational, and dissemination programmes and seminars on the following topics:

Participants, that include practitioners, civil servants, researchers and the civil society at large, are taught mainly to practice their knowledge in a demanding professional and European environment. They become familiar with policy-oriented research and multidisciplinary approaches, as they come from various scientific fields related to the programmes’ objectives. In addition, they are evaluated on the basis of their ability to respond to the requirements of a Centre for Excellence. At the end of their training and after completing their participation in the programme, they receive a Certificate of Participation.

International Educational Programmes

The Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence is currently exploring the organisation of international education programmes in Greece, in cooperation with European (e.g. the Zurich Elite Business School – ZEBS) and non-European universities and other training institutions. These programmes will mainly focus on the EU Governance, Greece’s policies, economy and culture, as well as other thematic areas, and will bring interested students and professionals from Azerbaijan, Georgia, India, Ukraine, and other third countries to Greece.