The Common European Asylum System CEAS Establishment, Development, Law in effect

Project Title
Migration Challenges from Eastern Mediterranean: EU Policies and New Responses

Erasmus+ Programme (ERASMUS)
Project: 101048094 — MICEMEU

Scientific Coordinator
Prof. Yannis Valinakis

Programme Description

Migration has become one of the most crucial political subjects for the EU, resulted to the the 2019 FRONTEX Regulation and the Migration policy agenda 2019-2024. At national level, Greece introduced a new policy on migration. The proposed programme, in view of these changes and based on previous
experience and feedback from hundreds migration operators, aims to deepen the study of the external aspects of migration in a holistic approach. Following an inter-disciplinary, Europeanisation approach, and in terms of increasing project visibility, renowned professors and other experts have been selected.

Important contributor to the project will be EPLO, an international organization, with expertise on migration
and asylum issues. In order to improve the quality of training and research, 3 seminars per academic year
and related events will be offered to students in the host and other university institutions:

(i)The EU Policies Towards Migration from Eastern & Central Mediterranean;

(ii) EU Refugee and Asylum Law & Policy;

(iii) EU’s External Borders: Management and Operational aspects.

The Centre intends to establish a key-force network with other Universities, Research Centres, Think Tanks, EU Institutions, NGOs, Civil Society, Regional & Local Authorities and Educational Institutions, not familiar with EU studies/topics, but operationally engaged with EU migration issues, refugees, border management and asylum.

In addition, 3 annual debate and research-oriented workshops dealing in depth with issues of

a) Contemporary immigration to the EU: Greece;

b) Management of the EU’s external sea borders in the Aegean: EU and National level (case study); and

c) Enhance Management of Migratory flows at Borders. Finally, in terms of impact maximisation to the public, the results of the project will be widely disseminated.


1st year

Asylum and Refugee Law

EU’s External Borders: Management and Operational aspects

European Management of Migration from Eastern Mediterranean

1st WORKSHOP “The Proposed EU Pact on Migration and Asylum -Prospects and Challenges”

2nd year

Asylum and Refugee Law

1st meeting   “International Protection of Refugees

2nd meeting  “The Common European Asylum System (CEAS): Establishment, Development, Law in effect”

3rd meeting  “The New Pact on Migration and Asylum – Armed conflict in Ukraine and developments in Asylum Law”

4th meeting  “International Protection Law – Asylum and Subsidiary Protection: application to special groups”

5th meeting  “Monitoring of Application of International Protection Law by Judicial Organs”