“Asylum and Refugee Law application Overview” 20/5/2019

The fifth and final meeting of the seminar “Asylum and Refugee Law: Recent European Developments”, entitled “Asylum and Refugee Law application Overview”, was successfully concluded on Monday, May 20, 2019. The coordinator prof. Ioannis Stribis, Programme Director of the Jean Monnet European Center of Excellence of the University of Athens, addressed the participants and presented the speakers.

The first speaker, Ms. Katerina Koutsopoulou, Chief Justice of the Administrative Courts, set the legal framework for the discussion that followed, speaking about the recent case law of the Administrative Courts and the Independent Refugee Committees on international protection cases. Ms Koutsopoulou, through a review of the whole legislative framework, and the changes it has undergone, set the basis for the concerns arising from the implementation of the framework.

The second speaker, Ms. Maria Michelogiannaki, Legal Adviser, Department of EU Law, Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presented the issues of judicial review by the EU judicial bodies. The presentation began with a brief reference to the Union Asylum Policy and the Common Asylum System. Ms Michelogiannaki then emphasized the importance of the Courts in the application of the Law, while concluding her speech on cases where applications were examined and posed questions about the practical application of the law.

The next and last speaker, Ms. Eleni Micha, Ph.D., Teaching Fellow, Law School, University of Athens, spoke about the asylum status in the European Convention on Human Rights, as well as the European Court of Human Rights control mechanism. Ms Micha began by referring to the 60 years of operation of the European Court of Justice and the 70 years of the European Convention’s validity and application and their importance as fully effective and auxiliary enforcement and control mechanisms.

The discussion ended with questions from the participants, followed by a multiple choice test to obtain a certificate of accomplishment.

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