“CEAS Reform: Proposals – Dynamics” 13/5/2019

The third session of the seminar “Asylum and Refugee Law: Recent European Developments” entitled “CEAS Reform: Proposals – Dynamics” was successfully completed on Monday, 13 May 2019. The coordinator Mr. Ioannis Stribis, Assistant Professor at the University of the Aegean and Programme Director of the Jean Monnet European Center of Excellence of the University of Athens, addressed the participants and presented the speakers. 

The event started with the speech of Ms. Metaxia Kouskouna, Assoc. Professor at the Law School of the University of Athens. Ms. Kouskouna focused on her presentation, on the revision of the Dublin System, and in particular on the revision of the Dublin III Regulation. She then referred to the measures presented in May 2016 by the European Commission and how this was affected by the 2015 refugee crisis.

The second speaker, Mr. Markos Karavias, Ph.D., Director of the Asylum Service, wanted to pass on the purely legal context and focused mainly on the practical and political part of the issue. Mr. Karavias referred to the review process of the CEAS, while he also mentioned the basic principles that should govern a system of asylum and practical difficulties. The speech concluded with Greece’s position and the proposed transitional solidarity mechanism.

The last speaker, Mr. Aristides Psarras, Head of the Athens Office of the Migration Management Support Unit, spoke about the conditions of the reform, as well as the role of EASO, and how it is being addressed by the member states. He then emphasized the importance of shortening asylum procedures. After presenting the European Commission’s seven proposals, he concluded that it was clear that the reform needed strong political will.

The discussion ended with questions from the participants.

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